Tine und Moose
Karsten mit den Finnen

The Catteryname

The Beaverscove is a coast on the east border of the Moosehead Lake, Maine, the origin state of our breed.

Die Two legs (short description)

The girl    

Christine Schöneis

Nickname: Tine

born.: 28.11.1963

Haircolor: dark-blond

Pattern: none (nonagouti), sometimes ghost pattern after visiting the hairdresser

Category: Longhair

Size: approx.154 cm

Jobs: Bookkeeper, Food Expert, Midwife, Expert of all cattery data, manages parts of our club AbsolTICAts e.V



Little man    

Karsten Schöneis

Nickname: Karsti

born: 05.12.1964

Haircolor: Dark-Blonde

Pattern: None

Category: Shorthair, with Rex Ancestors

Size: approx. 182 cm (the heaviest of the cattery)

Jobs: Technician, Webdesign, Genetics, club work, temporary midwife, President of AbsoluTICAts e.V.




The Outdoor Enclosures (Balconys)




we are Christine and Karsten Schoeneis and the only "two legs" of the BeaversCove Cattery. We are living in germany in the beautiful Sauerland in direct neigbourhood of Iserlohn, in a small village called Ihmert. We inhabit a house that is located directly to the forest border with parts of our family and our cats.
The cats have the possibility, whenever they want to, to get fresh air on one of our two "catsecure" balconys and in the outdoor enclosure

Our whole live is about Maine Coons, it`s a hobby that takes us up day and and night. BTW, we call ourselves hobby breeder, because it`s normal for us not to have more than a couple of litters a year. Every queen gets a regeneration time of at least 1,5 years. One of us is permantly present in the first two weeks after birth, mostly it`s Christine because she has a part time job to guarantee a human based breeding. It`s a matter of course that the queen and the kids spend their first weeks after birth in our sleeping room, to have a control day and night and to guarantee a human based raising.

All our cats are vaccinated againts FELV, FIV, rabies,respiratory and epidemic disease and we started to x-ray for Hip Dysplasia and examine for cardiomyopathy at the age of 1 or 2 years. If the new owners wish our cats will get a health certificate of our vet.

We`ll always bring all the little Coons to their new homes as indoor cats only

Our cattery and all breeding cats are TICA registered and they get a three or five generations pedigree from our club Absoluticat e.V.. We are member of TICA, breeder member of MCBFA and we are permanent user of the mccats, mcdeutsch, mckatzen, coonieclan, feline genetik and lots of other cat related mailinglists

It`s our aim to breed healthy, typical, lovely giants which represents the moderate type, which is something between the feral (TICA) and the sweet type (CFA)