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Pie in the living room You are interested in Maine Coons? First my wife and me saw a Maine Coon in a magazine, we knew this natural cat or nothing. Here are some information about the "Yankee Cat", which has conquered many hearts all over the world

There are some storys and legends about the origin of the Maine Coon. The well-known and unimpossible legend is, that the original Maine Coon is a mix between a cat and racoon. The most likely theorie is that the Maine Coon is a descendant of the cats, which were brought by the vikings in the early american history. It`s possible to draw the conclusion to the relationsship between the Maine Coon the Norwegian Forest Cat and the Sibirian Forest Cat on the european continent But at all, it`s a fact that the Maine Coon is a natural breed, which wasn`t found by crossbreeding. Maine stands for the country of origin, a small densely wooded state in the north-east of the USA. Up to the early eighties it was allowed to breed with cats, which lived on farms and in the forests. They were easily found by the breeders.

The Maine Coon belongs to the biggest thoroughbreed cat of the world it isn`t scarce that a male cat` s weight increases up to 20 pounds. It takes up to 5 years to the end of their physical development. They belong to the group of the halflonghairbreed (TICA, CFA Longhair). They are optimal household cats which get along with other pets and kids in spite of their weigth and their wild look, that reminds every observer to a wildcat

The Yankee Cat has a muscular and stretched body and a coat with a silky texture. They have a bushy tail that is as long as their body and that is used as a snuggleblanket in which the cat curls up to prevent reduction of body temperature. Their legs are very muscular, and there are tuffts of hair between their toes wich are originaly used as snow-shoes. The pants on their hind legs are typical, they involuntary remembers us on knickerbockers. The head has a middle whidth with a high positioned cheek-bone and a strong chin that forms a line with the nose and the upper lip. They have big, point, and well tuffted ears, which are postioned high on the head. Maine Coons have a droll character, you should expect a visit under the shower just as feed-exercises with their paws and funny articulation that rather remembers to pigeoncoo than the expected powerful Miaow.

Living togehther with a Maine Coon is never boring, they like it to doze and to play with their can opener, but if they begin to play they are not ready to compromise foremost if there is another cat within reach.
In short the Maine Coon cat is the best member of a household.


Beaverscove Maine Coons

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