our story

The concret story begins in the year 1995 although cats influenced my wifes and my whole life. After long consideration we decided to get a real Maine Coon
among our three HHPs.
Alec & Beauty I had a clear expectation of my dream cat, it should carry the typical wild look, be a little cheeky but not to standoffish.
We pored over newspapers phoned to many breeders and then we got the adress of a small, but as we later found out, well known cattery in Dortmund. With the the typical femal instinct, my wife purchased, our first Coon, Einstein of Mohawk. For me it was love at first sight, with his long coat, his great tabby markings, his bushy tail as well as the well tufted ears, he looked like a unpropotional mix between a racoon and a tramp.
I should find out how such a small fellow can shake up a whole live

He brought bustling activity to our house, nothing went undiscoverd and leave no stone unturned to find something to play, like plastic bags, lighters, or flowers. He used erverything for his games until total exhaustion and that can take a long time especially when you have a young Maine Coon.
We also noticed that he was completely without fear against strangers.

In december 95 we visited our first cat show with over 600 participating cats with our something more massive Coon. I exactly remember, that we didn`t know anything about cat shows and that our cage looked very spartan.
Some time in the morning, we went with a beating heart to a room where the cats were judged.
The french judge, played with our cat and I realized that the judge had sympathy for Simba.
Belana als Baby Simba won at this day the first time against competiton, and he became Best in Show and Best of Best, Halflonghair, although it was a very hard competition with over 250 halflonghair cats. We were very excited and very happy about this success.
Simba became Europechampion at the 14.12.96, exactly one year after his first show.
In april 96our little cattery started when we got Whoopie.
Whoopie is a three coloured cat, she can give 2 of these colours to the males (exactly white is no color). Only female can show three colours
Whoopie is much more retrained than Simba, but not less sweet, she depends more to the american type with a longer much more sqared muzzle.

In the early july we bought a house, outside of Hemer, with a very big plot (1800qm), perfect for our coons and the long planned open air enclosure.
Simba realized very quickly that we planned for the Coonie offspring, one moment no attention, and it happened he covered Whoopie.
The pregnancy of a cat takes 60-66 days and we worked out that the birth would happen exactly at our planned move.
Oh god that was not planned!!!!
We lived neraly one week in our new makeshift small appartement and Whoopie strongly resembled to a football than a cat. The normal pregnancy time was over, but Whoopie showed no indication of a near birth.
In the the meantime I became aquainted with a very experienced Maine Coon Breeder, and she gave us a quick course in cat births with e-mails and very long phone calls. We got all the equipment, a pair of scissors, an umbilical cord, and desinfection fluid, as well as we had notes with the number of the vet everywhere in the house.Brille als Baby
Much can go the wrong way at cat births, so that a very quick intervention is necessary to save the babie`s and the queen`s live
Meantime it was the 08.09.97, when we were at my parents appartement for meal and we looked every half an our for Whoopie.
At 21.30 it was on me to watch for her, and I astonished realized that Whoopie was lying in her litter box, that we offered her 2 weeks before. Her breath was very quick and she pured very loudly, an unmistakable sign for a near birth.
At this time I expected a long hot night, because the cats birth phase can take from half an hour up to several days.
In the meantime I made a rest to smoke a cigarette at my parents appartement, when my mother hurried into the room and cried: "Come on the first kitten is there, Tine doesn`t know what to do"!
As quick as possible I ran to our appartement and I saw Tine and Whoopie sitting on the floor, Whoopie with something slippery, black, lifeless hanging out of her.
Alice as a kitten Quick help was needed, it seems that the two girls had a shock, I tied the umbilical cord, but there was no life in the little body and the minutes seems as hours to me. I knew that I had to remove the skin that surroundet the kitten otherwise it had no chance to live.
I removed the skin took the sweet little live in my hand and it began to....... breathe very hasty.
It was a fantastic feeling of happiness, Arielle was born and she lived.
But there was no much time for being happy, the next kitten followed.
Tine and me were much calmer now and it was no problem to help her a little bit with the other kitten.
It took two hours for Whoopie to give live to 6 short, cherful, hungry Coonies.
They were named Arielle, Alec, Aljoscha, Alice, Anna-Elina and Artos.
Our cattery had been offcially started now and the most important, all were healthy.
From our first litter we kept Alec and Alice for our cattery, Artos lives at Tines Brother, and the other three found a new home in a fantastic family. In the meantime we are very good friends and we have the possibility to see the cats whenever we want to.